Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney For Your Case?

When you get injured at the hands of someone else's fault or negligence, you deserve compensation. Most plaintiffs want to get through the process as quickly and simply as possible, working with the defendant or their insurance company directly without third-party representation. However, that's not always the wisest decision. Here are some signs that you need a personal injury attorney for your case.  1. Lowball Offer From the Insurance Company 

Ready For Your DUI Court Appearance? How To Know

If you are about to appear before a judge and jury in relation to a driving under the influence (DUI) charge, being prepared should help you to be more relaxed and avoid making embarrassing mistakes. Read on to find out more. Circle the Date: It's vital to appear on the right date and at the right time. You are risking an arrest for not appearing unless you have a very good excuse.